Get lost!

I got lost the other day…ಠ_ಠ

Something that i learned  is that if you are not alone, even getting lost is fun. All u need is at leas one friend that’s willing to explore” and u are done.。

So  without even thinking about it twice we decided to try a new road. When we  realized that we kinda lost direction we saw a nice spot for a photo so decided that we won’t go back but rather further on, discovering maybe more nice spots.And oh boy we did !

I think this is the best way to get to know a new place. Get lost and you’ll  get to  places u wouldn’t normally get. This is how we arrived at the beach and took this photo for example. Smt that was not planed at all .

All we had in mind was -Adventure Time | (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)20140908_171043_2

20140902_133143_1 20140902_133151_2 20140904_132753_1 20140904_133311_1


20140904_134035_3 20140904_134146_1 20140904_134224_1 20140904_134440_1 20140904_134459_1 20140904_134548_1 20140904_134701_1 20140904_134935_1

In the end, remember that every day is an opportunity for an adventure.

Take advantege of it

。◕ ‿ ◕。

-side note : in a new city don’t take an unknown path unless you want to explore it.20140908_171321_1


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