What I’m actually doing in Finland

If you thought that I forgot about my blog you are wrong! The truth is that I have been pretty busy lately …

We had the first gate presentation in which we presented our game ideas and now we are working on the game for the second gate! So pretty much work and work…. and more to be done .

The structure of the OGL (Oulu game lab) is based on 3 gates. Each gate” eliminates half of the teams leaving at the end only the best ones with an option to carry on developing the game and making real money!

For gate 1, we had to develop a presentation based on the game idea, concept we, as a team (of 2 ), had .
My team passed ♔ Even though we had some technical issues 😦

For gate 2 the teams have to carry on developing the game concept , create a GDD ( game design document) a 30min presentation and a 3 minute “elevator pitch” – It will be 1 of October!

Let the best concepts win!

And for gate 3… I believe  we have to create a demo.:) besides everything else.- Secret Evaluation

Basically we are creating a secret awesome game, for more updates stay tuned !- I’ll probably leak some information about the game soon 😀

20140919_193540 20140919_19354720140917_14000420140904_13132220140903_11151520140904_13130620140918_160041_1

Ps: Wish us good luck for the second gate ^_^ !


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