Failure is not an option. Failure is a necessity

– Fear –

The reason why most fail.


You have your fears right?

It is natural, in our blood, to fear the unexpected, to avoid things that we can’t control, that we have no idea how they are gonna end up. Fear of rejection, of being abandoned, of fighting, fear of change, fear of darkens, danger, for your life, fear of failure and of God. Yet God says not to be afraid, He’s in control

You gotta understand that fear, it’s what is stooping you from achieving your goals, your dreams. That’s why you never have what you want to have.

Yet few of us are not scared

Why ? Because they look at failure not like most of us do.They look at it with different eyes. They see in failure, an opportunity to learn from it, adjust and do it better.

“Remember the two benefits of failure. First, if you do fail, you learn what doesn’t work; and second, the failure gives you the opportunity to try a new approach” Roger von Oech .

So why are we so afraid?

It is because we were born with it? Fear of failure, fear itself of anything around us? Yes. We were born with it but are we going to let it intimidate us?! Are we gonna let it  stop us from achieving great things, let it push us away from what we were meant to be?

Or, are we gonna harvest it? Gonna work and work until we win. Destroy the fear! Face it and when you will, you’ll realize it’s not that big of a deal! Fear is self impose, it means it doesn’t exist. So why do we keep on running from it ?!

“If you want to increase your success rate, double
your failure rate” Thomas John Watson, Sr.

Start seeing failure not as an option but as a necessity!


You have to be willing to fail. Risk it.

If you want to be a somebody, you have to put it all on the line.Failure is often the first step in God’s process to success. See failure as a way of learning! Dustin W. Stout

“We don’t expect you to succeed from the first try. You might but you probably won’t. Instead we expect you to fail! Fail hard and fail fast! Learn and go fail again and again till you get it right! That’s what we expect from you.” Oulu Game Lab introduction.

People around you fail, I fail and probably you will fail more than you keep track. Nevertheless, don’t stop!

In the end, I have a final question… are you afraid? You should be!
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