The journey so far …


It has been quite an interesting journey till now, from the start with the orientation days meeting my first team member -Niko- which was kind enough to lend me his spare bike. From working like a machine for the Oulu game lab gates and well not passing some to the internship I am doing right now…

We also got the most awesome tutors ever , Krista and John. They are so kind and cool! We just watched Matrix, The Godfather and some random comedy with them … it was fun.

Kajaani – a new beginning !

♦ chapter 2 ♦


It all started with an ending…

Shortly . . .gate 2 was the last step for our project but because of it I got the opportunity to work as an Intern at Critical Strike Intervention,  where it all started.

You know, some times even if you fight for something  to the end, to your limit, take the extra mile and you still fail, don’t be sad! Be happy that you gave your best and look at the failure as a lesson for further fights.

This was my attitude after  gate 2 … and right after, it actually turned to an opportunity. Even if we didn’t pass, we reached to one of the juries. His name is Vlad Micu and he’s the Team Leader of “Critical Strike Portable”. He offered us to continue with our project outside the OGL, move to another city and  work with his company. Sadly my team quit and decided to stay in Oulu, joined other teams and are now developing other games that passed through the gate.

I decided to stay and consider his offer so I kept contact with Vlad and after a few emails, and a discussion the next week  about how things will go and next thing I know – I was in Kajaani.

I don’t have any other pics from the studio 😀



Kajaani – Internship

First day I meet with Julius, the producer of CSI and decided the things i will be helping the with.The following days I signed a ND and Internship Contract till December. So for the next 3 weeks, I moved to Kajaani, and help them with the UI (user interface) for their next game. It wasn’t easy, finding a new style for the game and keeping everything consistent. Tried a lot of versions for every layout and I am still retouching some of the screens.

The amazing thing is that whenever I felt like i had no inspiration… God put the awesome people around me to help me … and from their feedback improve the style and create something I am feeling good about.

Next, I’ll be focusing on creating the Assets for the menu layouts and some icons badges, achievements.

They have some places that remind of the communism
Finland#s flag in front of the police station – Kajaani
Random cars in the parking lot of the university
One of the university buildings in Kajaani


Kajaani . . . A cold Saturday evening

Traveling ^_^

After the 3 weeks in Kajaani I came back to Oulu for my finish survival course…It was nice in Kajaani yet a bit too quiet .

Here, in Oulu,  I stayed for like 1 week before heading for the Pirates of the Baltic sea cruise. The cruise started from Helsinki and got us to Stockholm and back again. I will be staying here till next week so that I can vote on Sunday and have time to visit the capital of Finland!I’ll be staying with a friend Boby, he’s quite awesome…he’s studying education and will be staying here for the next 3-4 years to do so…

Since coming back to Oulu and started traveling I’ve met with friends, did some awesome pics and worked from home!

The nice thing about my job is that I am able to do it from anywhere.
Coming back from OGL
Pics of Finish ppl
At 6 a clock…
Finish Tree… quite beautiful
First Finish Lesson break decided to take a selfie
Oulu …
There’s always a way … find yours


Oh boy, they Bike a lot !

The Cruise !

After Oulu, the cruise to Sweden followed … It was one of the most awesome things I did ! I think everyone who was on the ship could say the same…


Picture inside of the 12 floors cruise. Pure Awesomeness !
Sea Cruise Ship


More about it in the next Blog, along with pics and thoughts from Sweden. 



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