Stockholm part 1

 A wonderful Experience ♛



A wonderful city. Full of life and positive vibe. Really worth checking, even for a second time. You do have places to visit!

It’s a city that combines old and new in a colorful way, a place that demands a camera some friends and you’re set for an adventure.

But I won’t say more about it . I’ll let you see for yourselves …

Words are useless.


wpid-20141109_150324_1.jpgwpid-20141110_084949_1.jpg IMG_2862e IMG_2925IMG_2749IMG_2747IMG_2753IMG_2757ewpid-20141109_171433_1.jpg_MG_2773e_MG_2770e_MG_2845_MG_2840_MG_2827_MG_2806wpid-20141111_002910_1.jpg_MG_2831wpid-20141110_123328_1.jpgIMG_3036IMG_3041IMG_3044




 I can say full heartily that I t was amazing!

Part 2 tomorrow . ^_^

“Stockholm is surely an urban planner’s dream. Everything works. Everything looks good.” -Janine di Giovanni


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