Set if on fire

A personal project ^^ –

Basically, just me randomly setting an umbrella on fire

Target: to set an umbrella on fire without anybody getting hurt

*Recommended song while scrolling*

You might ask why set an umbrella on fire .. well, frank to be, just for the fun of it and It seemed like we are gonna get a cool picture out of it *we got more than 1* but you’ll be the judge of that. Enjoy



Roberto Hanas - before the whole thing
Here is me before the whole thing – I was quite excited about it 😀


Oh boy if I knew..
Oh boy if I knew..what would come next


Setting the wonder liquid on the umbrella so it would burn
But I didn’t – so I proceeded with putting the wonder liquid on the umbrella so it would burn..


Final preparations on where to stay – for the shooting


Checked the umbrella to see if it’s alright , Seems like it’s just fine right ?


Yeah, that’s what I thought. okay.. let’s go


Take that glove and light it ..


YEAH ! finally, light it on fire!


0S8A8852 copy
Oh, it started burning quite fast ^^







Bad Idea - as it almost burned me
Bad Idea – as it almost burned me


Watching the umbrella on the ground lit on fire
And in roughly 18s it was all gone..


Burned umbrella on the ground
That’s all that remained ..


As I couldn’t do it alone I had help from Patricia Coroi and Remus Toderici who I want to thank for taking the photos, for bringing 10l of water just in case :)) somethings burns and helping me set everything up. You guys rock! 😉

Feel free to share.That’s it – Bbye


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