Diaries of a coffee addict.


It was supposed to be today. But it didn’t happen… No more coffee for me, from tomorrow?

I took this decision just to see how my body would react after the so called “7days of drawback”.

It seems that my energy levels should stabilise during the day and not have peaks right after coffee. Whiten your teeth and increase the focus. *not really buying the last one but I’m ready to give it a try.. Maybe tomorrow, today I failed.

Oh sweet drug. And I’m probably like you, an addict.

Yes, I said I’ll quit coffee today. But instead I drank a cup right after getting to work. Yeah, I was almost “brain-dead” before that. And ofc, another one in the evening. Cz what’s a meeting without a good old coffee?

The only thing I’m worried about is the reason I started drinking coffee in the first place. My minor headaches. True, no major pain, but real decrease in productivity.

Well, I’ll have to see.. But in the meantime, what’s your experience with coffee?


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