Diaries of a coffee addict #2

2Days without coffee.

Noticeable effects.

I’m hungry! Haha, Yes.. I noticed the first day without that refusing the morning coffee made me really hungry.I didn’t use to eat in the morning. Didn’t feel hungry. So why waste my time with it. I’d just eat at lunch and maybe dinner? Yeah, I know, very healthy.
But cutting down coffee, and replacing it with a glass of water in the morning – really kick-starts your metabolism.
Result – I eat more.

Energy levels. Yeah, this is not going well. In the morning I’m really not that easy to get out of the house. When I’m feeling out of focus instead of just going for the easy solution and have another coffee, I have to do something else. Ok. I drank a bit of Coca-Cola yesterday.

Today I noticed how used I was to coffee. The first thing I did after getting up was going to the coffee maker. I started replacing coffee with Black Tea. Need to start with something and frank to be I can’t afford to stop the influx of caffeine all in all.

Drinking more water.  I feel thirstier carrying a bottle of water with me everywhere I go. It might be just me, a psychological thing but since I saw this experiment -Link Here- I started reconsidering the amount of water I drink.


More in 3 days.


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