Diaries of a coffee addict #3

Diaries of a coffee addict #3

– After 9days without coffee. –

Yawning a lot :)) after day 3or so I’ve started getting used to the idea that I won’t have coffee anymore.
I’ve resisted my friend’s temptation for some good free coffee. It felt good to be able to say no. I had tea instead.

Day 5 *feeling like an alcoholic right now counting the days* I went out with a friend for a “coffee” but Instead, we both drank tea. Oh boy, it was a lovely spicy black tea and some chess.


Things that I noticed so far –

  • Drinking way more water. I think I’m finally drinking 2l of water a day or more.
  • My tea consumption has went from 1-2 cups a week to 1-2 cups a day. Win. Also experimenting with lots of flavors. So much to learn and taste.
  • Headaches have started to disappear. Yup no more..but I do start feeling tired around 10ish pm.
  • I’m Yawning way more!
  • My energy levels are rather stable but I think not high enough. Or maybe I’m used to having a spike when needed to work and then when resting being on a low.
  • I’ve started to get up at around 8 o’clock without an alarm. Very strange. I don’t know why – my body just feels it’s morning.
  • Concentration / focus – I’d want it to be higher.
    In general terms, I think my energy is higher but I do miss those focused concentration periods right after the coffee kicks in.
  • I’ve run out of Black Tea.
  • I’m starting to think of ways to biohack my body to spike up my energy level although the day 😂.


I’m still having some thoughts about coffee. Like “what will happen if I drink once..Meh, just once.”. But no, I took a promise to myself that I’ll try to see how it is without coffee for 30 days at least and I want to achieve that. Oh, I actually dreamed about drinking coffee without noticing. Haha, I was so relieved when I woke up and realized it was a dream.

Okay, time for me to go grab a coffee tea, I’ll come back with an update #4 – Day 15.
Till then, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on  coffee?


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